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MariWaste Cannabis Processing Unit ("CPU")

The Problem

Per State regulations, Medical or Retail marijuana (cannabis) and associated product waste must be rendered Unusable and Unrecognizable prior to leaving the licensed cultivation premises in any fashion.  The bigger problem is that it's also necessary to ensure safety for cultivator employees, the environment and to have a legal compliance standard for all government regulatory agencies, now and in the future.

Legal cannabis cultivation operations must document / track every stage of plant growth and management - seed to sell.  This includes accounting for grown plants, sellable products, and plant material (waste) that, per State compliance regulations, must be rendered "unusable".  This tracking process also averts employee theft, which is an added bonus.      

Currently the problem of remediation is inconsistent, hazardous and comes with tremendous liability and risk to everyone, especially the licensed grow operation business owners, investors, and stockholders. 

The Solution  

MariWaste™ brings this innovative cannabis industry solution for waste disposal tracking and State agency reporting, as a specialized machine for a unique market and compliance requirements.  The MariWaste CPU, as part of our Service model, or rented by your operation, eliminates the cultivator's waste disposal and reporting burdens. The MariWaste CPU provides the plant waste destruction, or further "downstream" processing, and the reporting data capture/ transmission automatically and in real-time.  If desired, the remediated bio-mass can simply be disposed of in any standard waste dumpster or container. 

The MariWaste™ cannabis processing unit (“CPU”) – patent pending – is the only cannabis waste processing and recycling solution that leverages: IoT-enabled data collection; Real-time Growth and Waste analytics;  Security for material data tracking; Cannabis “downstream” product processing; Encrypted compliance reporting to the source Cultivator, local Law Enforcement, State, and ultimately, Federal agencies.  

Our CPU also allows for waste material processing in multiple sized consistencies for "downstream" agricultural or cannabis market production.

     The MariWaste Cannabis Processing Unit

The MariWaste Cannabis Processing Unit