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Mariwaste services

MariWaste is your best choice for compliant and economic cannabis waste management services.

At MariWaste, we’re here to help you manage your cannabis waste and recycling needs, allowing you to focus on the important things — your customers, your cannabis cultivation and your product processing business. From waste rendering/ regulatory compliance processing and customized recycling solutions and services, to safe and responsible disposal, or MIP pre-processing, MariWaste can conduct onsite economical Waste Services or simply allow you to rent your own MariWaste CPU.  

MariWaste is your "one stop" cannabis waste management solutions and service provider.  Contact us today for a demo, grow site consultation, or to sign-up for a Services estimate. 


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Schedule a personalized onsite assessment of your grow or operation and learn how the MariWaste CPU can support your compliant waste management needs.  We will also overview our Services model or our CPU rental style and the various programs available to you.

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