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Compliant Rendering & Recycling of Cannabis Waste with Automatic Growth and Waste Analytics.

  1. Easy and Intuitive.  MariWaste uses a specially designed, user-friendly and IoT enabled, cannabis processing unit (CPU) to dispose of and recycle cannabis waste.  With easy-to-use controls, the MariWaste CPU instantly captures - for analytics & compliance reporting - the waste material throughput.
  2. Effective Waste Processing.  In accordance with State regulations, our CPU condenses cannabis waste, then blends it with allowable inert materials (at least 51%) and ensures a compliant mix is output from the unit.
  3. Swift and Practical.  You're in business to be productive & profitable.  MariWaste's CPU, whether as a rental or used in our grow-to-grow Service model, allows your cultivators and employees to focus on the grow operation by reducing time spent on manipulating, removing and reporting on cannabis bio-waste and associated elements.
  4. Meets Compliance Standards.  Our IoT enabled CPU ensures that accurate and real-time waste throughput data is captured and verified at the time of remediation.  It can then be transmitted instantly to a secure Cloud-based data warehouse and retrieved for internal analytics and presentation to the MED or appropriate State agencies automatically, during inspections and / or audits.

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MariWaste can come to your grow operation, on YOUR schedule and render/ process your cannabis waste to State regulatory compliance levels. We also customize the service to meet your waste output or soil re-use needs, all at the most competitive service prices statewide. Contact us!

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