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the problem

Regulatory Compliance

While Colorado’s economy has enjoyed a boom in recent years due to the growing recreational and medical cannabis programs, a small, unrecognized issue has grown into a big problem at state landfills. Due to current regulations, licensed facilities that grow cannabis must effectively destroy the waste generated by their operations to make it “unusable”, and that waste must be mixed 50/50 with another filler material to make it “unrecognizable”.

Cannabis waste regulations are written this way in an effort to reduce diversion, or the act of distributing and selling legally grown cannabis in the black market. Much of the mixed waste ends up in a dumpster destined for the landfill. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a standard waste management method, this waste can still be usable.


"If you think compliance is expensive -- try non-compliance."  -  Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General, Paul McNulty